Heineken Bar

You think that only snacks can be found at Vilnius airport? False! On the second floor of the Vilnius International Airport, above gate A11, you will find a stylish Heineken bar, where our chefs give a special attention to the quality of food. The time of your flight doesn't matter - here you can find rich breakfast, warm soups, original snacks and hot meals. And of course, cold Heineken beer and other drinks are always waiting!



Traditional English breakfast

Fried Eggs Lithuanian style with onions, bacon and field mushrooms

Toasted chicken Sandwich Swedish style with chili bun, curry and fresh green salad (mildly spicy)



Borsch with bacon and wild porcini mushrooms (ceps)

Chili Beef Stew served with garlic butter bread

Thai soup ‘Tom Yum’ with coconut milk, prawns, chicken, ginger and lemongrass (mildly spicy)




Tortilla Chips Nachos served with salsa and cheddar sauce

Chicken Spring Rolls served with sweet chili sauce and fresh green salad

French Fries

Sellection of Starters: the Chef‘s olive mix, cheese balls and sweet chilli dip

Tempura shrimps with spicy creamy sauce and fresh green salad





Greek salad with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, our Chef's olives, red onions, drizzled with extra virgin walnut oil

Norwegian Style Salad with smoked salmon and mustard-olive oil dressing

Caesar Salad with grilled chicken breast marinated in sesame oil and Caesar dressing




American pancakes with whiped cream and cherry jam

American pancakes with curd cream and salmon

Potato pancakes with sour cream


Hot dishes

Matured beef medallions with roasted vegetables and hollandaise sauce

Red tomato Burritos with chicken served with BBQ sauce and fresh green salad

Homemade Burger with brandy marinated beef, crispy bacon, parsnip sauce and French fries

Pork ribs with homemade BBQ sauce, fries and fresh vegetables

Chicken fillet with a bone, roasted begetables and mango sauce





Apple pie

Our carrot pie with nuts

Lithuanian pie "Tinginys"




Coffee / tea

Espresso coffee

Black coffee

Coffee with milk

Milk coffee


Tea (Black | green | fruit)

Ginger tea



Fresh juice

Orange juice

Grapefruit juice

Carrot juice

Apple juice



Alcohol drinks

Beer | Wine | Sparkling Wine | Champagne | Brandy | Cognac | Vodka | Gin | Liquor | Rum | Tequila | Vermouth | Bitter | Whiskey



Traditional English breakfast

Restaurant „Juta Jazz Cafe powered by Heineken“

Vilnius Airport

Departures, 2nd floor

Above Gate A11


Opening hours:

I – VII 9:00 – 21:00



+370 698 29882



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